POWER UP 57.281 STEEM | Target 1000 SP in the Next Month and Become A Dolphin at the end 2022 | #club100

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Hello all World of Xpilar friends

In this post, I will share the Power Up activities that I do in the @xpilar and @aceh-team communities as a form of consistency to make the my account @novaamalia be more influential in this platform and community with a huge dream to reach 1000 STEEM POWER in May, My target at the end of 2022 is to become a Dolphin by having 5000 STEEM POWER. I hope this community growing and developing while maintaining quality, also more and more members are becoming The Dolphins.

My steemit account @novaamalia from the beginning I started being active on this platform with the aim of becoming a user who makes a positive contribution by continuing to share quality posts, do power ups, and never withdraw the rewards to stay in #club100.

source @novaamalia

I believe that Blockchain and Steemit will be the right platform to be used as a place of investment in the future, therefore I want to continue to be active and collect as much rewards as possible so that the target of becoming a Dolphin as soon as possible and I can give more influence for this community. So far, I have never made any withdrawals from my account @novaamalia, because I believe that by collecting every reward I get from posting every day, the influence that my account has on this community will be even greater which in turn will increase my reputation.

source from @novaamalia

Here i will add 57.281 STEEM to Power-Up from the results of my posts in the last week, although not much but I try to continue to do it regularly and stay in #club100 even though the reputation and amount of STEEM POWER I have currently is still small, I will continue to increase little by little a bit until my target of becoming a Dolphin arrived.

The following is the Power Up Steem process that I did:

1). Previously I had 679,308 STEEM POWER and will add 57.281 STEEM.


2). The picture below is when I process the STEEM POWER Transfer to Vesting @novaamalia Account.

3). After successfully going through all the processes, the @novaamalia account currently has 736.590 STEEM POWER, and I hope that I can continue to do it regularly so that my target will be achieved soon.


4). Proof of Power Up


I just want to say thank you to @sultan-aceh and also the @aceh-team community who have provided the opportunity for me to join and share photography content in the World of Xpilar community and also give support to my posts. Hopefully, I can continue to share interesting content and hone my photography skills so that my posts will be of better quality in the future.

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Baikknya anda melakukan upvote minimal 10 vote per hari.

cc : @sultan-aceh

heheheh 😊
terima kasih infonya @klen.civil
golom na meupeugot OutoVote WOX, bah lebeh mudah, singoh ka dipeugot kadang, bek hek di vote manual. 😊

Baik terimakasih atas arahannya, akan segera diaplikasikan dan semoga tetap konsisten 🙏 👍

Hai @novaamalia

Thank you and very much appreciated, as a member of the WORLD OF XPILAR Community
You have done #Powerup #Steem again, To increase your Steem Power in the WORLD OF XPILAR Community

Hilsen Moderator

Congratulations friend for having clear your goals on the platform, persevering your motivation.


Thank you for your appreciation to me, hopefully it can be useful for all of us

Hope your dreams become true soon.

Take care and enjoy your day.

Thankyou for your support 🙏

Its my pleasure dear..

Tetap semangat @novaamalia, saya yakin Anda pasti sukses dan tercapai mimpi Anda menjadi Dolphin! 👍👌🌹🐬
#club100 ;)

Siap bg @adivender terimakasih atas dukungannya, tetap semangat untuk kita semua 🙏💪

Beri dukungan untuk saya di postingan Xpilar delegasi 50.000 SP untuk 3 Minggu, tlg komen di postingan bg Sultan (Mushalla Al-Qariah). Thanks @novaamalia untuk kerja samanya, sukses untuk Anda!.👌🙏🌹

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