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This picture I clicked in the London Victoria and Albert Museum. All our life we keep saying Life is colorful and we need to live it thoroughly. No denial in that, we need to live our lives in the best manner joyfully. But one thing is inevitable that one day or the other the Life will end and all the color of the life will fade away with it. We can never be mentally prepared for Death but that is the ultimate of life and no one can escape from it. The Richest or the Poorest one day will turn to ashes and will be buried on this land. Our Mother Earth gives no special treatment to anyone, it treats everyone equally and accepts everyone equally.

One day for sure everything will end and all that one will need is a 6 ft space to rest. where it is rest forever.

Location - London Victoria and Albert Museum
Clicked from my Nikon camera

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"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"

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What a beautiful photo of the museum accompanied by a great reflection of life. thanks for sharing.

No matter how much we give thanks to God, it is not enough that even after death, our loved ones and relatives send us away with such honor, otherwise there are many creatures of Allah who do not have this happiness.

One day we are, tomorrow we don't know 🤷 ♀️ that's why we must enjoy every moment, it's the safest thing we have death.

What photo friend, I imagine the security of the museum?

Greetings and success.

Life is beautiful. Death I what makes us appreciate living