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Hi World of Xpilar friends wherever you are. How are you? I hope you are always healthy, productive on Steemit, and actively sharing in the professional photographer community, the world of xpilar community.

Clouds .jpg

Well, on this occasion, I want to share a post about cloud views in my city. These are images of cloud landscape on the Exxon Mobile Road line. I took this photo when I went to buy Rujak Nibong with my family. I saw the clouds were very beautiful. It got me to take some pictures of it.

Image Street.jpg

I was using Samsung A71 smartphone when I took this photos. I used a 0.5x lens so that the photo would extend upwards. And sure enough, the photos are very beautiful. This is not a real photo. I've edited the lighting. I'm not good at editing. But I keep trying so these are the result.

Image Street  .jpg

Image  street.jpg

Image landing.jpg

Image street clouds.jpg

Thanks to all Steemian who always give me positive feedback and support. Thanks to Steemit team and especially Steemcurator01 who always give me opportunity to achieve my dreams. I am really appreciate it. Extraordinary votes from you help me to achieve my monthly power ups target.


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