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All steemit friends, talking about mushroom problems is never ending. From one location to another to get different types of mushrooms. The hobby of hunting mushrooms is indeed exciting, apart from being able to channel a hobby in the field of photography while doing a little exercise. The boredom of the office world can be cured by hunting for mushrooms, hunting here is just to capture the most beautiful moment when you find mushrooms.

The location of the soil is slightly moist, plus the air conditions that support it as a place for fungus to grow. Various types of mushrooms can thrive both on soil and other media, in the form of rotting wood or shells or coconuts that have started to rot due to weather.

On this occasion I try to share some photos about mushrooms found in humid areas which according to local residents, mushrooms will expand at high tide or when flowers begin to bloom in the morning.

This fungus is called Roridomyces roridus which is known for its dripping hood or slippery mycena which generally can grow in moist areas with little water. This mushroom is not for consumption, in addition to its very small shape, even to capture it, you have to enlarge the image using a macro camera. Of course, with great patience and through a long process, we can capture this mushroom, which is very short in age.

Here are some photos about the Roridomyces roridus mushroom that I managed to capture for all of my steemit friends, hopefully they should be entertained.













Those are some pictures about mushrooms that like damp places that I managed to capture for all of my steemit friends. Thanks to steemit friends who have stopped by my post.

DeviceVivo x 60 pro
Photo typemushroom
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