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Greetings steemian friends.., Happy activities and hopefully always compact. on this occasion I would like to invite friends to share a little with people in need by donating 10% of the results of friends' posts to steem charity through the @wox-helpfund account.

Let's share, If not now when...?
If not us, who else..???

Let's do good for the people around us. The accumulation of sincere good deeds is not a compliment but an intuitive human external internal happiness.

All the channels of God's grace are poured out directly on people who like to do good deeds sincerely. Like an ocean without ripples and waves and without a storm, a delicious boat sails freely towards those who believe in the heavenly reward from God.

And when good deeds reach maturity in their essence, the supernatural door of God opens wide. Humans are free to consume all drinks and food in God's storehouse without ever feeling full and bored.

In contrast to all the food menus of human products, which fill up quickly and get bored quickly, pleasing to the eye, tired of being thrown away. Therefore, it should be, humans should not be bored and reluctant to do good.

And the accumulation of all human evil deeds is a life full of suffering even though wealth is abundant, often spilled on the highway of life.

Humans often rejoice with evil, because evil is a conditioned internal favor, as if it were a gift from God, even though it is a cursed gift from Satan.

When evil reaches its maturity, the posture of evil will be naked for man, at that time man will realize all his faults

by @muftii


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with science life becomes easy
with art life becomes beautiful
with the steemit platform life
becomes directed
without knowledge life will be hard
without art life will be Rough
without the steemit platform life
will be lost.
Best Regards

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A amazing work sir

Hihi, thakns you

Hi @muftii

Thank you for your support of @wox-helpfund

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Thank you for visiting, honestly I am very happy.
this is the second day I donate 10% to a charity steem account.
and I will continue to subscribe to steem charity.
thank you