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Greetings steemian friends.., Happy activities and hopefully always compact. on this occasion I would like to invite friends to share a little with people in need by donating of the results of friends' posts to steem charity through the @wox-helpfund account.

Saturday 03 July 2021 The day was so hot it made all activities lazy to do, I just sat pensively while enjoying a cup of homemade coffee.

Moreover, the condition of the covid-19 pandemic made me lock myself at home to keep my distance from unwanted things, hopefully this pandemic period will pass quickly and we can carry out activities as usual. Amen.

In my daydream, an imagination that moves my heart to express on drawing paper, I want to scribble on the white paper but my imagination is still blurry to begin with. "Ah, drink coffee first so that the imagination runs smoothly, my little heart said."

The taste of the coffee is so delicious that it fills my brain with inspiration, imagination explodes and moves my hands to sketch a beautiful beach scene. I immediately started by making patterns like those in my imagination. And I intend the results of this simple work I will donate 10% to a charity steem account for people in need.

if we don't give who else...??? If not now when...???. let's share with a sincere heart to all those in need around us.

Steps to sketch a Beach



with science life becomes easy
with art life becomes beautiful
with the steemit platform life
becomes directed
without knowledge life will be hard
without art life will be Rough
without the steemit platform life
will be lost.
Best Regards

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