My Cats at high, middle and low spots of the house - Caturday Entertainment

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The towering cat Garu on my study table!!

Cat Garu almost towering over all the objects on my study table

Cat Garu is the only animated creature on the table, clarifying it so people don’t mistake him for a doll!!

He likes posing with objects and showpieces sometimes…


My cats pose with some interesting merchandising

To make his sleeping pose look different, Garu curls up napping next to this pillow cover picturing a proud kitten.

As if the area is a cat zone. HA!!

Mochu wants to show you guys another merchandise bestowed with a cat persona feature with this message - “ You Work, I watch and judge”


After posing with this merchandise, I feel Mochu is watching me so he can judge, looks like he understood the message of the T-shirt!!


The domestic Top Cap at the under level


I am so used to seeing cat Garu on top spots of the house that it surprised me to find him at a very under point of the house, underneath the bed!!


Yes, Garu is easily a domestic top cat, but there are creatures that can climb way higher than him.

A real tree climbing creature - The Monkey!!


This Monkey climbed up the tree from the compound wall, having passed over the borders of the tennis court fence, and then bingo, the monkey went up on the branches of the tree!!

Level 2 from the compound wall to the top of the tennis court fence

Monkey's favorite spot at the tree top

Content ground level cat jumps up on middle spots of the house

The ever content ground level cat -Mochu!!

Back home, here is a snap of Mochu on the washing machine, he is a content ground level cat in general.


However, he has no issues of leaping to the middle level spots in the house.


Happy Caturday as cats exit to continue on with their lives


Mochu says that it’s time to end the Caturday show for today, as he jumps down from the spotlight to do something else, probably go play with buddy Garuji.


Happy Caturday!!.

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