Into my cats world where cat Garu digs up a hole and wins a wrestling match!!

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Early today morning after I finished my meditation to make breakfast, my two cats have already gone into their state of slumber on my bed ofcourse.


They look curled up and comfortable, pressed together as if they have a bond in sleeping merrily.

It’s good that when cats get bored they try not to complain and get to do one of their favorite activities by falling asleep.


Although my sheep coloured cat Mochu loves laying about with my ginger cat Garu, it’s not that they don’t do duels.


Here is one duel where cat Garu succeeds in driving Mochu out of the bed.

Cat wrestling has these cats paw boxing, biting and rolling on each other, quite entertaining to watch sometimes.

Speaking about entertainment, cat Garu exercises by scratching cardboard boxes and this cat has succeeded in making a neat hole where it can dip its paw. Neat!!


FInally, a nice massage for cat Garu given by cat Mochu through his loving licks that appears to relax Garuji.

Nice thing about my cats is that I need not buy them any catnip flavoured toys to get them lively and active. I just need to introduce to them a natural element, like this giant vibrant leaf. It's bound to have them get excited with curiosity as they get busy checking out their freebie toy I procure from outside.

That’s all folks. Happy, happy Caturday.

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