Cat Misty’s fun time playing about in a cheer filled morning with me of course!!

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Many Contemporary cats are not of a completely shy and unfriendly nature


Cats are known to be shy creatures who would hide away from approaching humans. However, these days there are many cats that are actually friendly, playful, fun creatures.

Also even unfriendly cats can get friendly and playful in time if humans keep engaging with these feline companions in a way that cats find interesting and entertaining.

Attempts to engage with cat Misty in a way that catches her fancy


Over time, my flat’s community pet cat Misty got acquainted and friendly with me, so if I have time in the mornings especially on a Sunday, I try to spend quality time with her by entertaining her, in a way that she finds interesting.

Misty’s way of greeting me rolling over and chilling near me

Playful Cat MIsty enjoying the outdoors

Generally, when I call Misty, she greets me meowing and coming over to me. She will roll over and then chill, then if I am not entertaining enough she leaves.

This generally happens, and I have to be careful when I touch her because otherwise she will scratch me, so I make it a point to only pet her just once or twice and leave her.

The simple toy that made cat Misty’s morning very engaging


On a rare Sunday, I found a long dry solid leaf stick that I used to engage Misty in some play time, and she loved it!!

Misty was all game to join in for the play and have fun!!

The terrain of our flat campus made a great playground for her to play. She made a run to come and play as she watched me swing the long dried leaf about from end to end. She showed signals of her interest with her getting set to leap about in a crouching classic cat style upon the grass to her moving target a small distance away.


Then she played, moving about her paws to catch and bite the toy. She could not take her attention out of the moving object, watching every move of the swinging object that caressed the garden and the bark of this tree. She found it fun to follow the toy and make her cat moves to catch it.

Birds sounds adding charm to Misty’s play time in her natural surroundings

There were lovely natural sound effects around her natural playground with eagles and other birds emitting their distinct sound vocalisations, that are quite soothing to hear, not to mention she was surrounded by greenery and natural surfaces that she enjoyed engaging with in her way.


I too added some sound of my own to add more punch to her playtime entertainment.

This beautiful cheerful morning, spent this way by cat Misty with me, was a nice delightful experience.


Happy Caturday everybody!!


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