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Hello Friends,

Throwback the moment when I was visiting Papua, Indonesia, and had a chance to see the Traditional Papuan Festival. This is where the moment when dancers were encouraged themselves to eliminate the nervousness before a performance. They yelled some words "we can do everything when we support each other".

Yes, this picture is my participation in the Contest of Black and White Photography which is held by @axeman.

Thank you for stopping by.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Qué hermosa oportunidad de fotografiar el momento exacto del baile y otras actividades. Muchísimo éxito en el reto blanco y negro. Unas tomas espectaculares. Un abrazote @meryn21

Thank you very much @sacra, have a great day, big hugs :)

Muchas gracias @sacra97, que tengas un gran día, un abrazo grande :)

Very nice image @meryn21
Excellent work !
Have a great day!

Thank you so much @janettyanez
Have a nice day!