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Hello Friends,

I will share the pictures of the Merapi Mountain as my participation in the Contest Photo of the Week with a theme of mountains which is held by @mister-omortson.

I took these photos of Merapi mountain when I was in Yogyakarta before its eruption. The scenery around the mountains is very beautiful and the local people are known friendly too. Yogyakarta is like home to me, I have lived there for almost 3 years to study and work and I never feel bored living there. Besides the beautiful scenery usually, I like to enjoy some food and find the unique traditional arts and crafts around Kaliurang streets.




Thank you for stopping by
Hope you can enjoy the pictures
Have a nice day

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Better mountains can only be mountains that you have never been to :)

I wish, but in the situation where Omicron starting to spread and high, hiking in my area is becoming more limited.

The latter strain has an increased prevalence. BUT he himself is no worse than the usual seasonal cold. Unless, of course, you have not been vaccinated. The natural human immunity easily copes with this strain.
Walking in the mountains in the fresh air strengthens the immune system. Don't be afraid and stay healthy.🙂

Yes, absolutely you're right ☺️

🖐️ 😊

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Thank you so much.