A Butterfly with Broken Wings | Contest Macro Photography | Steem - Steemit - Tron | Week 16 | (PowerUp 100%)

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Hello Friends,

Let me show you the pictures of a butterfly that I found in my anthurium plant. The brown wings with black spots and something that attracts my attention are that this butterfly has a broken wing. It might be something biting its wings, even though its wings are broken in such a way, this butterfly can still fly fastly. It flew from plant to plant and finally flew high away.


However, I still had a chance to take a photo of it, especially the wings. I took the pictures with my phone with a macro lens with a simple setting. In order to reduce the white balance, I change the color manually in the phone setting. I attach these pictures as my participation in the contest of Macro Photography.







These pictures are one of my original content.
Hope you enjoy the pictures, have a nice day.
Thank you for stopping by.

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White balance is very important for correct color reproduction. There is too much yellow/orange in the first pictures. Small details are almost unreadable. Try to shoot macro with a camera, get real pleasure))

That's right, I think it's too colorful. Thank you for the precious comment :)

You are welcome 🖐️ 😊

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Thank you very much for your great support @stef1