New Contest MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY | Week 23 very beautiful and interesting mushrooms

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hi friends, meet me again on the occasion of this evening with a photo of a very unique and very beautiful mushroom that I found on dry wood when I entered the forest I didn't expect to get this mushroom because this mushroom is very rare but I was able to get it on the occasion of tonight, although this mushroom is very rare, this mushroom also has several types, namely white and yellow, so I did not expect to get this mushroom because this mushroom is very beautiful, I hope my friends like the photo of the mushroom that I found on opportunity tonight

because the mushrooms that I found on this occasion tonight are very difficult to get but on this occasion tonight I can get them and can share photos of these mushrooms with my friends and all of my friends, I hope you like the photos of mushrooms that I found in the Aceh forest on occasion tonight this mushroom is also very rare but I was able to get it on the occasion of tonight even though I had to enter the Aceh forest to be able to get this mushroom but it turned out that I didn't go into the Aceh forest in vain this evening because I could get a mushroom that very unique

maybe friends all know that mushrooms have their own lives, namely mushrooms can't live when exposed to the sun because mushrooms can live and grow in the coldest places like under trees that don't touch the sun like under trees that don't touch the sun that's where mushrooms can all kinds of mushrooms live and grow when they are exposed to the sun they will dry up and die because they can't withstand the heat of the sun, that's why mushrooms are very weak. Mushrooms also need rain so they can live and feel the universe.

like a mushroom that I found this evening, it's very weak when it hits the sun, it will wither and die. I didn't even think I could get this mushroom but I can get it on this occasion tonight and I can share photos of this mushroom with all of my friends and friends. I hope friends like and are happy with the mushroom photos that I share on this occasion tonight to friends and friends, hopefully friends like the mushroom photos I share, thank you greetings from my Aceh master house














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