Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow.

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Hello everyone My post is about another adventure in Moscow, a trip to the Tretyakov Gallery. As an artist, I just had to visit this place! I photographed several paintings that impressed me. I missed many of them and now I regret it, although they remained in my memory, since I considered them on duty.
There are a lot of halls in this gallery, if I'm not mistaken, 60 and a little. And to visit all of them was only 2 hours. Of course, I didn't have enough time and I got stuck in the first halls, because I wanted to see everything in detail, how lace, stones, eyes, faces, clothing details and much more were drawn..In my portraits, I pay little attention to details, I don't have enough patience! And it was important for me to look at the works of other artists, how they use colors, how they draw eyes and other details.
So I looked at the first 10 halls, I didn't have enough time and I was already running through the halls! Someday, I hope to come back and see everything calmly.
In my post, I will not comment on all the photos. Only selectively. It's a pity that I couldn't photograph some of the paintings. They impressed me with the way the artist conveyed the character of the hero in the picture. Looking at an example of a picture of one girl, you can see from her face that she is flirtatious and capricious. I was particularly impressed by the portrait of the clergyman. His face was hard and somehow repulsive. But this portrait interested me so much and I wanted to look at it for a long time.


The painting is called "The Appearance of Christ". It's huge! The scale and how this picture is located are impressive. Entering the hall, a huge picture appears before your eyes, which leaves you speechless. Whoever was in this gallery will understand me. It's so hard to explain!



Many have seen this picture in textbooks and elsewhere, but it is unlikely that you have paid attention to the writer's hands and his manicure, they are very beautiful! Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is a Russian poet, playwright and then.


It is impossible to pass by this picture, it is gloomy, but very beautiful. It's a pity that when photographing, the pictures are glaring. This picture, if there was more time, I would also look at it for a long time!



This picture, when you enter the hall, impresses with its colors (color transfer). All this is not visible in the photo, but it's a pity.






This picture is my favorite! When you enter the hall and your first glance falls on this picture, again, the power of speech disappears. I'm more interested here not in the face, but in the dress, it's like a real one. The artist conveyed the shine of the fabric of the dress, every crease, every crease. And the lace.. Everything is so detailed. I can't even imagine how much effort and days have been spent on this. This is the highest skill.





I left under a huge impression and a little upset that there was so little time. But I'm already repeating myself! In general, I didn't think that it would touch me so much and it would be very interesting. Many paintings are like living, living eyes and faces. As if now the character of the picture will wink, smile or wave at you, even a little creepy! By the way.. for some reason, modern art, I ran through without much interest. The artists of that time owned a brush much better!
With this, I will end my post. This time it turned out not to be small. Thank you for reading and watching. I hope I was able to share at least some of my impressions with you and you were interested!

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I was impressed with the photographs and every detail, observe the manicure of the nails and the dress is impressive, it seems like silk in three D, I would go again if I had the opportunity, I already understand your interest, I hope you can repeat the experience, each painting deserves its time, that very deep colors and sizes all!


Hi! 🤝