Tobey Maguire

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Hello everyone, my next work is watercolor pencils, A3 format. In the portrait of Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man from Marvel "There is no way home". It took 2 days to work, about 4-5 hours each.











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Tobey is one of my favorite actors. Your drawing is also great. In particular, your colorings are wonderfully done.👍🏻

This is lovely. I Love how you render the colors separately.

Thanks! I'm not fully used to watercolor pencils yet, I'm trying to improve.

But toe you did well


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Incredible drawing of Spiderman! I loved it, many hits.

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Excelente técnica de definición de rostro, te nomino al wox-bestpick 79

Eso está demasiado bueno ese dibujo, cada detalle está bien hecho y se puede decir que es una gran obra de arte. Tienes un gran talento.

Thank you, I tried very hard!☺️

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I'm a big fan of Spiderman! your drawing is incredible and very realistic, I congratulate you.

I drew all three spiders: Toby, Andrew and Tom. So far, I've only posted Toby and Andrew!

Spectacular drawing!! You have a great talent, I wish you much success friend! 🤗

Thank you, very nice!