"WINNER 4 - WEEK XXIV- Macrophotography Contest World Of Xpilar Community"

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horned beetle

hello steemit friends all on this very happy day I want to say a thousand thanks to @XPILAR and @SULTAN-ACEH who have chosen me as one of the winners of the contest this time winner 4, how happy my heart is.

this time I got the 4th place, hopefully in the future I can be even better, and I will always try, in a struggle it definitely requires sacrifice and effort as much as we can.

For my friends and also the winners of the World Of XPILAR Week XXIV contest, I congratulate you, stay humble and don't be arrogant, because we can all become winners who join the team-aceh community are brothers, hopefully in the future the aceh team community will be more united, grow and be strong in unity, because if we are always united we will surely succeed in realizing future generations in the world of xpilar and aceh-team communities.

My message is that we are always united and patient and strive for the future that "We can be dolphins in the big community of WORLD OF XPILAR.

thanks to @xpilar and @sultan-aceh, the author of @lensaphoto.


Thank you signed @lensaphoto.

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how do you enter this?

I also don't know how.