Walking for view

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The viewpoint Trehyrna

A short hours walk in nice weather. There were no clear paths to the top, in some places it was a little difficult to get through scrub forest and rocky terrain. Anyway a nice trip, the efforts were rewarded with a great view of the sea and surrounding mountains.

View from the top

Up the hills to the peak

Some distance up in the terrain views to the rear

Toward west, the North Atlantic ocean

Almost at the viewpoint


At the view point




My wife in the landscape



Pictures from a day when the weather was nice in Vesterålen

Best regards from the north

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The sea view is beautiful and the rocky mountains are amazing! It seems that you had a wonderful trip with your wife. Great shot! ;)

Thank's so much @tangmo for nice comment. Yes, nice weather, nice trip and a nice walk

My pleasure! You were very lucky! ;)

Very beautiful place.
Thank you for sharing and entertaining us who are far away here @karja.

Thanks so much @jasonmunapasse for pleasant comment

hermosas fotografias , saludos!

Thank's so much @liliros

Hermoso lugar amigo @karja para ir de excursión. Me encanta la naturaleza 😍

Thank's so much @alig408 for nice comment

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Thank's so much @art-venture for attention and the nomination

how are you dear friend @karja good afternoon
If it was worth the sacrifice of the promotion, seeing these beautiful postcards confirm it. Excellent shots, congratulations
Thank you very much for showing us this beauty.
Enjoy it many. I wish you a beautiful afternoon

Thank's you @jlufer for pleasant comment

All pictures are clearly visible, you took perfect pictures

Thank you so much @pecintabunga20 for nice comment

What a beautiful scenery...

Thank's so much @muthmainnah for nice comment

Wow! Glorious day! Blue sky and the lovely views! 👍🙀💐🎉🌈

Thank's so much @kaminchan for nice comment

Wonderful pictures, nature is the best gift in our life from God, keep sharing @karja

Thank's so much @sduttaskitchen for nice comment

You are most welcome my friend @karja

Nice one 🌹
Please vote for me

Thank's so much @stanleyu

Cool natural panorama with charming beauty, I really like the place you visit. @karja

Thank you so much @mattmcguire for nice comment

Thanks you @karja