The boat

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a traditional boat from the north

A beautiful boat with roots from the age of Vikings. This one new painted and tarred ready for the summer sea. This type of wooden boats was built in sizes 14 feet up to more than 45 feet, depending on what it was to be used for. The smallest were used in the fjords for fishing and transport. The largest for fishing in Lofoten and along the coast in more open sea







Most places on the shore there are rocs and stones in different sizes,To make it easier to pull the boat up and down from the sea, stones must be cleared away.

A piece of history from the north


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its amazing like dream place


Greetings friend @karja, a beauty that you present to us today, those boats are ideal for going fishing, it adapts to the place where I live a fishermen's place. Good day.

What beautiful photographs friend @karja I congratulate you

Beautiful boat with the bright red house in the background! The sea view and mountain view is wonderful with the blue sky and white clouds. Great capture! ;)

hello friend @karja what a thrill to see your images, boats are my passion, thank you for showing us those beautiful images. good day.

I loved these photos. Thank you, and I hope to continue seeing your job🙌🏼

Incredible pictures, the combination of blue aky and greenary looks mind-blowing, you have captured all pictures wonderfully. Keep sharing my friend @karja and stay safe.

A very beautiful boat my friend.

Perfect and amazing nature @karja

Mantap pemandangannya, bagus angin sepoi sepoi saya sukak sekali tentang postingan anda, kerja terus kawa sampai sukses ya.