Future plans : Writing some coding lessons (javascript)

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Planning on making a few coding lessons in the future

Hello, as some of you know I recently started my journey into the wonderful world of javascript and every day im learning more skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life... Not only on steem (only using steem as the springboard as it's here and your obviously in the demographic of steem users if your reading this...)


Anyhow Coding is similar to a language... You learn the words... but your brain uses them in the order that works for you... Think about someone who never went to school... and the most prestegious professor in the country you live in... They both speak the same language, but they dont both use the same exact sentence to get the same thought across.

I only say this because it's a beautiful think to have under your belt because dispite not being a professional grade coder... you can solve just about any type of problem that life may face you / When i say solve the problem It might not be able to clean your room, but you can use your brain to think of ways of creating tools from scratch, that can do extremly complex / or basic tasks automatically somewhere in the cloud / making you a profit / or giving you back your time / or giving you a personal assistant that you dont have to pay basically anything...

I will use simple steem tasks as a starting point for showing different ways of doing things. Then depending on how these posts are recieved / my efforts / feelings at the time I will start going one level deeper in terms of complexity and start tying different functions / events togeather to create a looping sequence of operations that when done consecutively makes a complete process...

Aka ->

One might be ... Connect to blockchain -> retreive reward balance. -> claim rewards -> convert sbd -> steem -> power up -> sleep for x hours > restart at the beginning...

Now imagine in the scope of an entire year... Claiming a reward and powering it up might be a 2 second task... but its really probably more around a 2 or 3 minuite task because all the little times you went on a path of doing this and doing that when you already had something else you wanted to get done... Now you can claim every day automatically and never need to worry about it again... Maybe another bot can do this for you, but... you can say okay now i want to add this to a database that has all my other cryptos in it too and record this reward claim... You are the maker of your own destiny... if you wanted to code a function that took the money cashed 20 percent out and send it to your grandmother ester on the 3rd wednesday of every month... then thats your right... as a coder you make the rules. you do not wait for the feature to become available, you make it for yourself.

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