The World of XPILAR - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #063 - Club5050 - Baywatch / by @joseramontalaverag

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Esta imagen corresponde a una sesión al estilo "Baywatch" realizada con un grupo de estudiantes de modelaje, donde además, ellas pudieron practicar "Foto Pose", hicieron un excelente trabajo ante mi lente..! La chica en la foto es Del Valle Veliz, hoy en día convertida en modelo profesional, pueden seguirla en su Instagram y apoyarla.. Gracias.

This image corresponds to a session in the style "Baywatch" carried out with a group of modeling students, where they were also able to practice "Photo Pose" they did an excellent job in front of my lens ..! The girl in the photo is Del Valle Veliz, today a professional model, you can follow her on her Instagram and support her .. Thank you.


Abajo: Todas en una pose grupal / Bottom: All in a group pose

Y aquí un momento divertido que nunca falta en una sesión de este estilo con tantas chicas :-) / And here is a fun moment that is never missing in a session of this style with so many girls :-)

Exif del valle.JPG Firma Sello 200x200.jpg

Saludos y bienvenidos sus comentarios..!!

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Beautiful shooting. I think everybody can recall "Baywatch"

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It really was a very popular TV series.

I'm glad you liked the image and thanks for the support.

Kind regards

The thumbnail photo is stunning @josertalaverag 👏 I am not surprised at all to find out that she is a professional model nowadays. The last photo looks fun and shows us what really happens before or after a photo shoot. Did one of the girls maybe bump into the tripod or were they just playing with it? They look pretty even when they are not posing.

Thank you my dear friend @petface for your review and comment, actually, she specifically was very outstanding in her preparation as a model and I tell you that the one who prepared her was my eldest daughter who has a modeling agency here in the city, and all those girls are her students .. Haddy Talavera Models Instituto

The girl on the tripod was a moment of rest during the session and was having fun with him and joking with the other girls.

It was a tiring day, but a fantastic one.

Greets and a hug.

Muy buenas fotografías!!! Felicidades.

Gracias @carlaisl por tu visita y comentario..


Un impresionante trabajo fotográfico, siempre profesional en tus tomas.

Wao very hot photography from your post

This was a wonderful initiative