The World of XPILAR - B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #090 - Club5050 / Ciclistas / by: @josertalaverag

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La imagen corresponde a una sesión de fotos al Grupo de Ciclistas de Ruta Paria Bike son unos Aventureros Sobre Ruedas, quienes me contrataron para crear imágenes para sus diferentes perfiles web. Además del trabajo que implica hace fotos a grupos como estos, se logró un excelente trabajo y compartimos un día espectacular.

The image corresponds to a photo session for the Group of Road Cyclists Paria Bike are some Adventurers on Wheels, who hired me to create images for their different web profiles. In addition to the work that involves taking photos of groups like these, an excellent job was achieved and we shared a spectacular day.


exif paria bike.JPGFirma Sello 200x200.jpg


Únete al Club5050

Separador con Firma y silueta 700.png

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What a nice photo which features a fantastic composition. The black and white gets us to focus on the main subject the cyclists rather than get distracted by the colours of their outfits. Good luck in the contest my friend.

Thank you my dear friend for your appreciation .. that was the idea that the colors did not cause distraction and the viewer focused on the details of the cyclists.

A hug and happy weekend