Drawing like a pro - 34, Homework Contest #4 - Dividing in one-point perspective (Power up 100%)

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Hi friends!

To get you ready for this homework contest I have made a time-lapse video that summarizes much of what we have seen throughout the different lessons leading up to the present.
This homework will review the one-point perspective and the division of a square or a rectangle that we already saw in previous lessons and in the last master class. So, you have enough information to carry out this challenge successfully.
In this time-lapse, you will see how I use my paper ruler, and my self-made tortillon to blur and blend some strokes.
Pay attention to the shading I'm drawing on the bottom of this "building".
I left the video speed in real-time in some parts where I'm shading, so you can appreciate how I build the shadows. Anyway, this is a subject that we will see in-depth in future lessons because what we are interested in now are the technical aspects of the one-point perspective. So don't worry if you can't handle the shadows yet.



The homework


You must draw a facade similar to this one, in one-point perspective as I showed, dividing the shape into several parts, also try to draw some windows and fill some areas with dark tones.
Everything you need to know is in these last two lessons:

and in this video, of course!




° The contest is open to the entire STEEMIT community
° The drawing must be a separate STEEMIT post with a link in the comments section.
° You have 7 days from the day of this publication to post the link to your task in the comments.

The best homework of school participants will receive support from WOX curators.


Take part in this HOMEWORK CONTEST!

and get upvotes rewards from WOX community members.


Many thanks to @bambuka and @stef1 once again for their encouragement and support.
Also, thanks to @xpilar for making these initiatives possible.



if you like to colour your drawings, I recommend the interesting and useful Color and Light classes of @fumansiu whose concepts you can apply both with traditional and digital techniques.



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PS: I'm removing "week" from homework contests because I can't make it in a weekly release as I wanted, so I just numbered it and will try to do it weekly or within 10 days at the latest.


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excellent activity, I'm going to prepare my entry greetings brother

Hi @betzaelcorvo! Nice to see you, I'll wait for your entry. Regards

Greetings friend, you do an excellent job within the community and steemit.

Thank you very much for your support, Fran! Have a nice day.

Not the easiest task, let's see who can do it))

You're right!

Thank you for the very useful class. I want to use this technique to draw a nice watercolor painting soon.
Drawing like a pro - Homework #4/ One-point perspective

You're welcome! thanks for participating in these lessons.

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Thank you very much!!

Guau, que interesante, no sabía que habían vuelto las clases tutoriales de dibujo. Que interesante @jorgevandeperre

Hola, gracias a ti por tu interés, espero que te unas a las lecciones y tareas!