Drawing like a pro - 31, One-point perspective - Drawing a wall with windows (Power up 100%)

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Hi friends!

Starting with the drawing of a rectangle that we will divide in two.
By drawing diagonals from the corners, as shown, we will find the midpoint and can draw a perpendicular line at the crossing point of the diagonals.
Then, we erase the diagonal lines and just leave the crossing point.
(In all the drawings the thin grey lines will be help lines that we will finally erase and the black lines will be the definitive lines).

Repeating the same process to both sides of the division line we get to divide the rectangle (the wall) into four.

Once again the same process to obtain eight divisions. Then, by drawing a horizontal line in the centre of the rectangle, we obtain a rectangle divided into sixteen parts.

Draw auxiliary lines inside the rectangle as shown below, then draw the final lines to form the inner squares. Finally, remove all help lines to get the result shown bottom.


Now, imagine that this drawing above represents the front view of the wall of a building.
We will draw this front view in one-point perspective.
In the left corner of the drawing paper, we make the helplines starting with the height line of our future wall.
At the bottom, we draw the eye-level line and also draw the lines starting from the ends of the height line to the vanishing point, as shown.

We'll define the length line of the rectangle, so we'll get the furthest height line for the rectangle.
We then start by drawing the diagonal lines to divide the rectangle as we did before in the front view.

Here we have the first division, and we will continue repeating the steps we have already done until dividing the rectangle into sixteen parts.

Drawing now the latest helplines for the front view.

We now draw the final contours and erase the helplines inside the rectangle.

We'll go one step further by drawing the windows in our front wall view in perspective.
Draw a short horizontal line starting from the corner of the inner square as shown in the drawing (this line represents the depth of the wall), then draw a line to the vanishing point as seen in the drawing.

Then, we will be able to draw all the depth lines of each window.

Here we will draw a vertical line starting from the intersection point as shown here.

Repeat the same process at the bottom

Finish by outlining the entire drawing and erasing all the helplines.

These are the two views of the wall.



I wish you a very nice day and good exercise!


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Also, thanks to @xpilar for making these initiatives possible.


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Hola querido profesor, vaya, que buena clase, la verdad es que todo esto es un arte y usted un gran artista. Saludos y gracias por educarnos un poco más!!

Hola Fran! Gracias a ti por tu amable comentario y espero que mis publicaciones sean muy útiles.

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Thank you very much!!

Thank you, Jorge, for persevering in your lessons..I understand it takes a lot of time and effort. But it's useful for all of us :)

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your support!

You are welcome 🖐️ 😊

You are excellent in your drawing. Much success and happiness...

Hi @irlandakarina, thank you for your kind words! Regards.

Drawing like a pro - 31/ One(TWO^^)-point perspective
Professor, I tried something new while doing my homework. Please guide me on whether this kind of attempt is possible.


Hi @raah, thank you for taking part in this homework contest! Two-point perspective is a topic we will see later, first a good understanding of the one-point perspective is needed.

Thank you very much, dear Stef! I'm working to give you an answer to your previous exercises.