Tulip Flowers - Acrylic Painting

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Tulip Flowers
Acrylic on paper
20cm x 30cm

Hi all, sharing with you today a recent acrylic painting I did of tulip flowers. I think flowers can make an excellent subject to paint and many artists in history have thought the same. While painting I made sure to keep the colours in the petals vibrant and avoid any muddiness from too many paints mixing. I also focused on achieving the transparency of the glass they were contained in as sometimes it can be quite difficult to accomplish. It took me a few hours to complete from start to finish.



Foundational sketch before paint is appliedIMG_20210929_123241844.jpg

Finished result!
Thanks for stopping by and for all your continued support!

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Beautiful work!


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Beautiful job! Beautiful strokes and good work in the shadows and lighting. Greetings.