The Last Day of Pompeii - Oil Painting Portrait Study with Process

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Hello all, today I would like to share another study based on the great painting The Last Day of Pompeii by Karl Bryullov. The painting is full of emotions and I wanted to learn how to capture this in the portraits I do especially in the eyes.

I have highlighted below the section of the painting I will study.
last day of pompeii.png

last day of pompeii1.png




IMG_20210707_123524880 (1).jpg


The style is realistic but almost cartoon like. The artist used very strong blacks in the eyes and eyebrows either for dramatic effect or it is the natural cause from a strong contrast between lights and darks in the scene. Either way it works effectively in capturing the expression of fear in her eyes. Small highlights were also used in the lower eye lids to indicate tears forming.

Completed with oils on paper over several hours

Thank you for your support, I plan on doing a few more eye studies based on the original painting in future,

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