The Last Day of Pompeii - Master Study Painting Process

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IMG_20210527_163021589_2 (2).jpg

Hi all, today I share another master study this time from a painting I found very inspiring Karl Bryullov | The Last Day of Pompeii, 1830-33
The painting depicts the horrors of people fleeing the city on the day the volcano erupted.

The artist captures many powerful emotions in the expressions of the people and I wanted to try to capture the same in my work so I will do small studies of sections of this painting. Below is the process to painting one of them.





IMG_20210527_163021589_2 (2).jpg
Completed with oils on paper over several hours

Thank you for your support, I plan on doing more of these based on the original painting in future,

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Very expressive eyes! Also great work on skin and the tones that wonderfully shown the features of face!

Thanks, I'm starting to enjoy painting with oils :)