Painting Shoes from Life - With Process Photos

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Hi all, sharing with you today a still life study of shoes and the process that went into creating it. I was inspired by the artists in the past such as Van Gogh who did the same thing and thought it would be a good exercise to further practice my painting from life skills. I went after an impressionistic style where I focused on loose brush strokes to capture the form rather than hyper-realism and there was some challenge initially in perspective and capturing the texture of the shoes with paint. In the end it was solved by painting exactly what I see and not what I thought it should look like.

The process...



IMG_20210909_181715816 (1).jpg
Completed with acrylics on paper over several hours

Thanks for stopping by and for all of your support!

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Once I made a replica of the painting of Van Gohg's shoes, but with colored pencils, without a doubt he is one is a very good inspiration, I congratulate you for having achieved an excellent job :)

Thanks, I have also copied some of his work in the past and find it his style very expressive.

I love your beautiful painting! Thanks for sharing. ❤️🎨

Thank you!

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