Neighbor visits in the midnight sun.

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When camping out in the country you can get unexpected visits. A pack of cows decided one evening to visit our tent camp and take a closer look at their guests. They sniffed and did a little research and went into the sunsets. Expect there isn't any
sunset, the clock had passed 12 in the night. You see the midnight sun.









Have a great day.

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Amazing! This is midnight sun!! I would not be able to go to sleep!! No darkness! LoL

Late to answer, but less sleep during the summer than in the winter :-)

Hi Harald, that is amazing to have such evening sun even at midnight. I can imagine that many young people do have some parties and not really go to bed.The cows have their freedom, can wonder where they like :)

Dear @steemcurator01 would you please visit this post, very artistic expression of the beauty of nature and exclusively on Steem, without reposting.

Thank you in advance,

During the summer in nice weather, there is often late evenings :-). Thank you very much for the recommendation to @steemcurator01 and sorry for veeeerrry late respond.

Wonderful pictures, amazing location. Keep sharing. @harkar

Thank you very much. Great you liked it. Sorry for late respond.

Pleasure is mine @harkar