Fog, cloud and rain...

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...can make a great day. At least was todays hike nice.


A hike to the Snolke cabin is a nice 6 km walk uphills with a nice view around if the weather is nice. The forecast looked promising with better weather later on the day, but in northern Norway the weather is shifting and can be different from place to place. The best forecast you get is often to take a look out the window, and use the time between the rainshowers. So we did and missed. Even the weather the time out was great.





A glimpse of blue sky further out the fjord. The rain fell down inward the fjord and the mountains.



A creative use of and old glass lid.


Great with shelter from the rain and relaxing after some goodies.




Best regards

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Very green and fresh! But a bit wet! LoL
The cabin looks so comfortable.

It was wet and great to have shelter in the cabin and a hot cup of coffee ☕️

It's a very cool and beautiful place.
thank you for sharing.

Thank you very much for pleasant comment.

You're welcome.

Drops on the grass like little beads! I like!
Oh, your Dog is completely soaked.😞 I hope you and your family are okay.

Thank you very much. He I wet but not cold. He love water. Even the rain he had to take a dip in a little stream on the way up😄. A cup of hot coffe and everything is okay ☕️😄

So your dog had fun😀
I think there will still be a few sunny days before fall

Yes he had fun 🐶. Hopefully the weather will be better….

Such beautiful photo series. That is great place to stop when it is raining.

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Yes it is. Thank you very much for the nomination 😊

very beautiful place, cool, peaceful, very well looked after, the photo you took is very precise, the dog is very handsome, I really enjoy this atmosphere, thank you for sharing, @harkar.

I am really glad you liked it 😊

What a gorgeous view 👌 It is nice to see what happens in the North of the Earth. I would wanna see the winter view of Snolke.

Thank you very much. There is good chance you would see the winter from Snolke in the coming months 😊🌨

Nice to hear that 👍 I'll wait it excitedly 🤗