World in Awful Shape

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We are really in a very difficult situation right now, most of the blame is being split between the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war and the stops put on energy sources such as coal and nuclear which are being closed down in Europe, even though it seems coal will have to make a comeback despite the zero emissions policies in place. When the shit hits the fan, priorities take over and I guess people are more worried about energy bills, fuel, electricity than the future of the planet. We might be wrong there, perhaps we are putting to much pressure on Gaia and she will hit back. Of course maybe securing life for the next few years makes more sense than maybe securing it for the next century.

But to my point of view, Covid, wars (because it is not just Russia and Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia and Palestine come to mind or climate change. I really think the start of our woes were the neo liberal policies were the interests of the rich took precedence over the interests of the many. Just think about it, in the seventies there were two billionaires, today they are a dime a dozen and multimillionaires are even more common. So these top level elites account for a huge percent of the World's wealth. What happened? Well these groups gradually got all they wanted, lower taxes, moving their production centers to low wage countries, and frankly making a killing.

This is the reason that a new powerhouse was created, China developed into an industrial giant, and now probably the richest country in the World. This has caused the heebie-jeebies in the West because they are now afraid of Chinese outward advances. And now it is too late, China is no longer the maker of trinkets, it builds advances technological stuff, and its belt and road initiative is a monster of modern engineering. This of course has made the West try to put a stop to Chinese growth, but the only ones to blame are Western Greed, more money for the elites which is what it was all about.

Then we have Russia, a country that is being ridiculed by the West for having a comic army, and I will tell you something, this is far from the truth, NATO is afraid of putting boots on the round they know Russia has far more than what they are showing uin Ukraine, In fact I would say NATO is afraid of facing Russia in an all out war. Europe, for one would be decimated, the USA might remain unscathed but the economic backlash would be catastrophic.

I will just mention one instance of Western ill reporting of what is going on. For months we have been hearing that Russian armament is shoddy, ill maintained and no match for Western kit. In fact I read one comment in a British newspaper that said SATAN II from the people who brought us the Lada, LOL. This same guy a few days later was giving hoots of delight because Slovakia was going to donate 12 MIG-29 to Ukraine and that would be a game changer, surprisingly if we go by Western media the MIG-29 is a shoddy airplane and useless, so how can this turn the war?

I know you will question my assertion that NATO is afraid of fighting Russia, but i have the ultimate example, how come when Serbia was accused of genocide, NATO went all in and caused havoc and destruction in Serbia, but Russia has been accused of genocide and NATO does nothing. If NATO does not put boots on the ground Ukraine might very much cease being a country or will be very much reduced.

In the meantime, because the West does not demand negotiation talks inflation in Europe mostly due to high fuel prices continues unabaited, and I want to tell you something, Russia is accused of putting some countries on the verge of starvation, but I wonder if anyone has thought the Europe moving its oil and gas purchases to other countries that supply third world and very weak countries with fuel, as Europe can pay more these poor countries will not be able to buy fuel, and starvation looms even closer, always the poor pay for the rich, be it in money or in distress and economical meltdown.

Just get to talk, negotiate, stop trying to portray this as a good versus evil battle, all politicians are basically bad people for whom other peoples suffering means nothing. Stop arming Ukraine, only more deaths will come of this and in the end Russia will get even more than it was bargaining for. Yes, this war is responsible for a lot of suffering not just for Russia and Ukraine, the whole world is feeling it. Do the right thing stop this war. Hell even I need this, Crypto is drowning because of people not wanting to endanger their money.

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In Italy everything is increasing disproportionately, exactly as the graph suggests. Beautiful post. Hope you can get good reward