Owl Women

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In a valley not far from where I live, there is a village that is famous because the older women who live there, well at least some of them, were supposed to be able to, at night, change into owls. I always thought that I could not see any advantage into becoming owls, but there was a good reason. These women would fly all about and go close to where people were talking and they would pick up tidbits of what was said, sometimes it was juicy information that could be used for blackmail. I guess that is as good a reason as any, but there was also this old guy who was said to be able to change into a pig, now there I don't see any advantage.

Anyway in my daily walks I was reminded of this because I came upon this door or gate or something that has an owl woman, I reckon the artist comes from the community I told you about.



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At the heart of every fairy tale is something that really happened. Cats, wolves, geese, now learned about owls