AAyman Al-Zawahiri

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According to US Government dispatches Ayman Al-Zawahiri who was Osama Bin Laden's second in command in Al-Qaeda was assassinated on Sunday in the house he occupied with his family in a well to do neighborhood of Kabul. Seemingly a drone was sent to kill him and he was targeted as he went out to a balcony in his house. The US has said there is no DNA evidence available, but there many sources have established his identity.

I can believe it, but it also makes it open for people who never believe what governments say, as was the case with Osama Bin Laden, no body no believe. In Osama's case he was buried in the sea so as not to damage Muslim precepts, funny they showed us pictures of Saddam and his sons after they were killed, so I think Osama's death can be questioned, no body, no DNA, just a narrative.

In Al-Zawahiri's case , they do have a point, if he was killed with an explosive maybe no DNA could be found, supposedly he was shredded, and of course getting body samples for the test would not be easy for an operative as I imagine after the attack Afghani security forces must have been on high alert. I wonder if these drone or drones had to circle the building until he came out on the balcony, or if there was someone there to say ok he is there. I know drones have cameras but wouldn't a drone flying overhead turn on the alarms?

The problem is, that in November of 2020 he was said to have died of asthma, this news was reported by all major news agencies and as far as I know there was nobody denying that information. So which is the truth? Did he die back then or was he killed now? Biden's popularity is at its lowest facing the mid term elections in November, Osama was also reportedly killed at a time when Obama's administration was losing popular support. Coincidence? Maybe, or they were already dead and this was not reported until it suited the government, or maybe both are alive. I guess this will be a good one for conspiracy theorists.

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