sunset painting by the beach

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Hello, my dear art lovers, best wishes always wherever you are.


On this occasion I would like to share my latest painting, namely the sunset view on the beach with A4 paper size. I made this painting with Deli oil pastel material.

For the process as usual I do it gradually. Here below are some pictures during the process that I did from start to finish, I hope it looks perfect and you like it.











Well, my dear art lovers, that's the result of my latest painting with all its flaws, hopefully it can be useful and pleasing to my friend's heart.

Thank you very much for supporting and thank you also for visiting this simple post.



Regards, @ewiendos.

Thank you😊🙏

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I enjoy the sunset but at sea it gives me a different melancholy, it's too nostalgic, you combined the colors very well, the yellow with the orange always gives it its special touch, beautiful painting!

Greetings and success.

Thank you mate for your broad view of this painting.🙏



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Thank you so much for supporting 🙏

it looks very realistic, in like it a lot, thanks for sharing

Thank you @devi2021