River at the foot of the mountain

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Hello all steemian friends, greetings always wherever you are


A few days ago I went on a small vacation with two of my friends, the three of us traveled by motorbike to a remote village and far from urban areas. This village is located right at the foot of the mountain and its outskirts are surrounded by a long river full of rocks. It took an hour to travel and I was on location.

IMG20220619180323 (1).jpg

I love mountainous nature, and it's become the place I go most often when I need a vacation. The surrounding air still feels so fresh, the chirping of birds and the shady trees create serenity and peace. When the sun starts to feel hot, the river flow filled with small rocks is the right choice for swimming and soaking in it.

IMG20220619180851 (2).jpg

Some fish that are swimming in the water are also prey, we try to catch them using nets and then burn them for dinner.

IMG20220619180921 (1).jpg

The sky was starting to look dark, forcing us to go back home. My little vacation is over and it was so much fun.


Thank you very much for supporting and thank you for visiting hopefully useful.

CameraRealme 5i
EditsApp ligth Room
LocationAceh, indonesia

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Regards, @ewiendos

Thank you😊🙏

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Hehe... Keren, nyan keunan meuheut that long Jak, merendam!.👌👍

Siap that bang. Nyoe pah na wate sit ubena kreung tabloh aju. Ta santai beu Meu saneut.😁😀

Haha... Bereh 👍😀