Dilapidated of 2010. Part 3

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Many times I promised to publish these pictures and finally fulfilled! Outwardly, they are not even artistic, it is a pure documentary.


These photos are completely unprocessed.

Then I just didn't know how to do it adequately.

And now I don't see the point in deep processing – only the minimum basic!

Eight years later, I went through all the same yards again, but in a slightly different way.

I called this project "Dilapidated Ustyug" and captured all the wooden houses in the city, as many of them began to resettle en masse.

In 2018, there were mass resettlements of houses and then I was given the task to capture them.

It was only seven houses, but I thought that there might be others in the queue.

And then I reshot them all...dilapidated and not even very.

But it was a conscious project with a specific goal.

And what you see in the post is a prototype.

But this probe has already become history.

You see something that is no longer there. Or it is greatly modified.

Of course, I made a serious selection.

In fact, there are ten times more pictures.

It will be very powerful in terms of the project to walk through the same places and capture the changes.

I did it once, but very minimally and pointwise.

And if you cover the whole city globally, then this is a topic for a whole book.

And yes, there are similar books in two...or three parts have already been produced by local historians.

But the photos there are of poor quality, and in general the books themselves are small and low-budget. But they definitely deserve praise.

On the one hand, there are simply an immense number of cities in the country where cultural heritage objects are constantly disappearing, and just the architectural era.

But I don't think it happens everywhere en masse.

It's like with pictures, you need to make a selection of the very best and then you can capture the era as a whole as a cultural code.

Maybe this is one of my tasks in this life...

I know for sure that no one hinders me in this...which means someone needs it.

Thank you for watching these historical pictures. Perhaps they are boring and unattractive. But I would like them to go into a little story called blockchain.

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