Please Vote for My Witness @etainclub (developer of PLAY STEEM | AVLE | STEEM on RPi)

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Hi, I am @etainclub who develops several apps such as PLAY STEEM and AVLE. I used to post here.

Some of you hear about the apps that I have been developing. I have been a hardcore developer in steem community.
I have been developing apps for steem community for two years. At first I did not know much about witness, but I know it well enough to be a witness. So I recently started to run my witness node.

You can find my contributions in the bottom. If you want to like them and to support me, please vote for me as a witness.
If you did already, thank you so much. I felt that it is difficult to be a main witness even though I am one of top hardcore developers in steem community. So I need you support. I am doing my best to make STEEM great again.

You can vote here:
(find etainclub ranked at 44)
or here:

Developments by @etainclub


AVLE is a new dapp on the Steem blockchain to provide benefits both to creators and to curators. I am currently working with @steem-agora as a team.

You can find more about this awesome project here:

I and my team are doing our best to show this wonderful dapp in November.


PLAY STEEM is the only mobile app for Steemit which provides several features as follows:

  • Voting for app users (Posting through the app)
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Translation
  • In-App Text to Speech
  • In-App Account Creation (temporarily not available)
  • Switching Accounts
  • Setting Beneficiary
  • Easy Mentioning
  • Bookmarking posts
  • Collecting Favorite Authors Privately
  • In-App Transfer

The following is the recent usage chart.
The app is used by more than 600 steemit users.

You can find more info here:

3. STEEM on RPi

My interest in witness started with this project. I came to know that Blurt witness node can be run on a RPi4 (8g ram). So I tried the similar thing on steem. I could build the steem source code on ARM but fail to sync the block data. I am trying different approach to resolve the issue. You can check the history of this project here:

[Steem on Rpi] Updates - Retry and get different errors
History of Steem on Rpi

Please Vote for My Witness

If you have a question, feel free to contact me. Let's make STEEM great again together!


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Hi @etainclub we closely watching how the projects that you and your team are working are developing. It sounds really exciting and hope that everything will come as you are planning. I will share this post in discord too.

@steemcurator01 and @steemitblog would you please support the Witness candidate of @etainclub. Currently we are lucking a lot in development field and that will be great to have the Steemit team on the side of developer group. Thanks,

thank you for your kind words and support. I feel that many users support the development. But there are too few development going on steem. The #steemitdev is kind of inactive state. That's sad. I am doing my best to contribute to steem development.

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Hi @etainclub
It's great that you're also now running a witness node
I have been following your development of PLAY STEEM
You get my full support as a witness from me and my Norwegian team

Regards xpilar.witness

Thank you for your kind words and support. It is really great.

Is it okay to post the progress of apps and dapps in the WOX community?

The steemit dev community has no activity and few are active.

Yes, you can, it's nice that you want to use WOX to post

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감사합니다. ^^


You got my vote :) Keep it up

thanks a lot!

I've used play steem, and it's a really wonderful app

wow. great. AVLE will have more wonderful features.

Ok. I'll check it out

Glad to see the progress of such a great project. You can collaborate with our community to promote this project.

In the near future I will also carry out Seminar and #Promo-Steem activities.

It would be great if this project could sponsor the event.

Thank you !

Greetings, ponpase

Thank you for your suggestion.

My team will consider the collaboration with WOX community.

Sorry, the community I mean is PromoSteem. Maybe we can build a collaboration and promote your project at our event.

You have my vote. Good luck with the developments.

thank you for votung me.

I hope it helps you and more will vote for you as a witness.

You have my support and vote for your witness.

thank you for your support!