Lemon Submarine and Bruschetta

in hive-185836 •  2 months ago 

Went out yesterday to enjoy a good lunch and this is what we had from Mellow Mushroom. It's my first time coming to one but the food was pretty good.


For a drink that was ordered by my friend, this is a Lemon Submarine. It's made with bourban and some other citrusy drinks. Plus it's got some rosemary too. I thought it looked cool so I took a photo of it.


Now, a nice little bit of Bruschetta. Bruschetta is definitely one of my faves because it tastes like a cold pizza. lol I know, I am no culinary expert, so my description is as basic as it is insulting to a real chef. lol Either way, the food was absolutely good.

We had also ordered a pizza, but the photo I took of it wasn't as good. It was a little blurry. lol Oh well, maybe next time!

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Hola @esecholo, bueno las cosas lucen ricas, y el traguito también.