Why do we perceive the wind as the wind is ever in nature with the human nature?

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You know, the wind starts blowing a place and it moves to other places around the globe, and it moves in the same and in the different directions. So, why do we perceive the wind just as we do, and what are the reasons that there is wind on the blue planet?

Today the sciences can explain much of the variations that are going on in any area on the planet. And we try to understand phenomena. And we should love the people we meet on the planet, and we are always loving each other for whom we are. And there are also songs about what is going on the planet, also about the wind. And nowadays, we are sure that the wind arises due to the meeting of cold and warm air.

Watch all these nice people on the planet, and there are also some devil forces, but we should keep the police on these people, and we want the being on the earth as a lovely journey! And things are happening on the earth, because we need equilibrium in the nature, and therefore we are always trying to get that, and this the reason why there are changes in the nature. We also perceive changes in in the nature, and we are going to equalize pressure and temperature differences on the planet, and these are the reasons why there is wind. So, questions about what, where, how and why should always be raised in the life, and these questions are research questions that are related to different areas in the sciences.

We have high pressure in the nature, and we have low pressure. And gases are moved from high pressure areas to low pressure areas, and this is the reasons why we are perceiving the wind just as the wind is. And there is a song just like this; “Daddy, wherever the wind stops blowing, what will happen then?”. If there wind stops blowing, there is equilibrium in the nature, and there needs not to be any changes there. So, we should accept that we are persons in different environments, and we are living with just perceiving the life within and without the different environments, and there are always different things that are going in people's head, and therefore standpoints and opinions are things that are happening just as they are treated in the life to many persons.

According to the Bible, the wind just blows as it wishes. And we do not know where the wind is coming like it is coming, and where the wind stops, and where it is going. And that is the story of Nicodemus coming to Jesus Christ. So, the humans at any times have had their opinions about the human nature and the nature, and we have freedom, diversity and precision about what is going on, but to any times there are some choices about different things, and to any time we cannot get all the variations that is possible to create. And we have thoughts, feelings, and we are doing different things. And we are doing serious and funny things when we are here on the blue planet.

You know, we are perceiving that the wind is coming from different directions, and we can perceive from day to day where the wind is coming from, and which directions it has from place to place. So, the atmosphere is in motions from day to day, and the wind arises due to air pressure. And we can find more complex patterns with different variables and factors, and this is the case of explaining that the wind can arise due to different things, but often we are just perceiving that different and few things are reasons to why we are getting the wind as it is, and that we should think that there is strengths and directions about what is happening. And there is always some cores about what is going on, and the keys that are just as we like it and perceive it. So, the keys and the cores of different phenomena are as they are, and we should always find the cores in the sciences, and how the structure and the unstructure are going to and from these cores.

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