The history of music artists; The case of Katy Perry!

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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, better known as Katy Perry, is an American singer and songwriter. Her career took off when she launched the album One of the Boys in 2008, which contained the world known singles «I Kissed a Girl» and «Hot N Cold». Both of these singles sold for platinum in the United States. And as with the kiss and being hot or cold, we are just knowing the person a little, before than kissing, so there should not be too much sexuality too early in human relations, and we should know what to do in life and why we are doing as we are doing.

Katy Perry is born on 25 October 1984, and hence she is 37 years old today, and she comes from Santa Barbara in California in the United States.

You find the music pieces to Katy Perry several places on the ordinary music platforms, and these are within the platforms like YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. And we can play the music of her that we want, and we can listen to the music that we must admire and respect of her.

There are much known music from Katy Perry, and some of the most famous songs are: Dark Horse, Harleys in Hawaii, E.T. and Roar. And you know, moving from one place to another at the earth, that what as we are doing from going from place A to place B around the whole globe. So, what are we doing when moving around on the blue planet, and we are always in relaxing and calm situation, or we hurry up to go and eventually run to the next place.

We find several music videos on the internet, and they are: Roar, Electric, When I'm Gone and Dark Horse. You know, we have a body and that body is electric, and when being on the planet we are either here when we are living, working and operating, or we are going to some other places, and if we are totally unavailable to the earth and its services, it is because we have left the globe, and being buried after that. And when we are died, we have moved from the world and the world space.

We should not go into any human relation, if we think that it is not convenient. And we all know all the moves when loving all the other sides of another human, and the answer is in the shape and in the fitness of the body. And you know, I am skeptical being involved with a girlfriend because we never know what we get, and what is the questions and issues and social affairs from place to place. So, know the ladies, and see and consider whether you need a love relation or not. We cannot just love, love and love, because what we are doing should be taken into consideration.

You know, being back in Kristiansand after studying in Kristiansand and Bergen is special, and you know that people know you from before, and Kristiansand is a little city nearby a nice scenery, and this nature is perhaps some of the best sides we can offer down here, and many people are watching what is happening here, and many love the nice weather in the summer, and the nature throughout the year. And one can do what one must imagine, and the imaginations are open and they are reflecting the creativity down here, and listening to «the music» in the nature, and Kristiansand should be open, lovely and including for many kinds of people visiting us, and we can visit them at the same time or later on. So, this is Kristiansand, and what we are perceiving about that city just now.

Ok, the music artists are welcome to Kristiansand, and that is also Katy Perry. Katy Perry has won several international awards like for instance: Billboard Music Award, MTV Video Music Award, Kids' Choice Award and many more popular prizes. And you know, within the scientific environments, the employees should get the best awards in the world, and when you are getting the best prizes, the school or the organization that you are working within is getting a star and a beautiful ranking among the all kinds of organizations that there are, and these organizations are about making and taking decisions and decision processes within the organization in question.

And again some music as it was asked to be included! :)

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She is a girl who showed not only beauty but also talent, I like her!