On winning the European Championship 2022 in football for women; Congratulations to England!

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We enjoyed life on Sunday 31 July 2022 at Wembley in London! More than 87 000 audiences, and that was impressive. England won, and that implied that many people were in ecstatic, and they loved that England won the European Championship in football for women! And we love them too, and today we announce our best congratulations to all the team, to the coach and trainer, and to all the people that were involved in this victory! The first time that England won for since 1966. And in 1966, England beat West Germany 4-2 in the final, and it was for men!

You know, we should always have support in different environments, and it is completely difficult to do anything, if we get people against us. And the same for the football teams! You cannot give your best unless you know that people are on your side, both in the clubs and in the national teams, and people around the world do really agree in these things nowadays. We should be much alone in life, and when we are together we are just loving and admiring each other, and we are making the life oneself in this life, and sometimes we get opposition, but this is seldom opposition in all possible directions, and we should be skeptical to critic, and for people trying to hold us down, because we cannot accept it. We should always move forward in life.

England deserved to win, and I was hoping for England, but I expected Germany, and hopefully I was wrong, and therefore it was nice to see England winning the European Championship 2022 in football for women! You know, we cannot make all the victories to any times in Bergen, at least with having the employees against us! But today, I am thinking that the environments are pretty good, and we can be in whatever environment in Bergen, and we can form the environments where we are from time to time.

I just say: Three Lions! It’s coming home! It's coming home! It'coming! Football's coming home! We really enjoyed the match yesterday, and England was great, and that led the playing of the play out there at the stadium and at the field. Many of us had looked forward to these things, and we were a bit surprised that England should dominated the play as they did, with technical finesse and delicacies and details.

So, how did the football match between England and Germany yesterday take place? Well, it was a fireworks display of a final, and people enjoyed the surprising and exciting playing. So, England had the upper hand in the game. And they won! And this was really great for the coach and trainer to England, and her name is Sarina Wiegman, and she has played as a football player before, and therefore she has relevant experiences to make the coach of the national team for England, and she has won for the Netherlands before, also at that time being a coach and a trainer for the the national team!

It was a draw between England and Germany at half time. But after the break, it was really a fire on the field! After 62 minutes, Ella Toone made 1-0 for England, coming alone with the goalkeeper and lob over her. And many people enjoyed this moment because the pass from the English woman to Ella Toone was excellent, intelligent, brilliant and superior! But Germany did not want to give up, and they came back in the game in the 79 minutes of the play, and Lina Magull got a pass and she cut at close range. And the position stood to full time, and just in the extra play, the second round with the extra innings, Chloe Kelly made a goal after 110 minutes, and she is a professional football player for Manchester City. And she flicked the ball in after arguing at close range with the goalkeeper on the line. And England won 2-1, since that was also the position at full time with the extra innings. And Chloe Kelly was really amazing after the goal, she took off her top and got a yellow card, but that's how it is with pleasure. So, that is just pleasure and a funny time!

We are many people coming from many countries around the world, and we are giving our best gratitudes and lucky welcome to all the team, and all the people responsible for the play, also the investors, and they have much money! And I also want my wallet to be thick in future!

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It's good to know when you accept and enjoy the triumph of another team, great women who gave their best!