Beautiful Strelitzia Flowers - Three Images

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Lovely bright orange Strelitzia flowers growing in the Helderberg Nature Reserve.

They are also known as Crane Flowers as they resemble the shape of a cranes head.

Another common name is The Bird of Paradise.

They grow naturally in South Africa and are abundant in KZN, Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

The flower is on our 5 rand piece in South Africa.

They prefer warmer climates and can also be grown in ones private garden. Some grow them in flower pots in a sunny spot on their patios.

Sunbirds and bees propogate these plants.

Credit - My own photography

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In Venezuela we know it as the bird of paradise, some plant it in their garden, they are a spectacle when the hummingbirds come to pollinate, I see them a lot in flower arrangements, they are very resistant.

Good pictures!


Thanks @lanegra Beautiful flowers in the open fields here in South Africa.

Those flowers are very special, I saw them first time when I was 26 and received them to my birthday, that was a nice surprise to see such unusual form and since then it is always associate with my birthday.

What a lovely gift for your 26th birthday. They are special blooms @stef1