Staying on Top of a Myriad Loose Ends!

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As I look around me, it seem like far more people complain about having "too much" to do, as opposed to not enough to do.

Frankly, I could use a break!


What We Choose to Take On...

Earlier today, I was doing some "housecleaning" on one of my non-blockchain blogs... and found myself wondering why I even bother.

The answer, of course, is that I already have sixteen years invested in maintaining that blog (a niche blog about stamp collecting) and it isn't really that much effort to periodically write a post or two to keep it updated.

Besides, stamp collecting is a hobby of mine since childhood, and I'm not about to give it up!


In Addition TO, not Instead OF!

Which go me to thinking about the reality that most things I have taken on tend to be in addition to what I am already doing, rather than instead of.

The problem with such an approach is that there are only so many hours in the day, and the things we're already doing don't tend to become "lighter," just because we have new projects.

Point of reality: When I started on Steemit, it was very much an "in addition to" situation, although part of my motivation was to get away from Facebook, which seemed (in early 2017) to have become an increasingly toxic cesspool of meanness!

But in the end, I didn't give up Facebook, to be active on Steemit.


The Importance of Discernment!

At least for me, it is incredibly important to be discerning with what I take on, precisely because I am seldom giving something up, in order to try the new thing.

Also earlier today, I continued working on listing my artwork inventory on Etsy... because I need to sell things to make a living! Or some semblance of a living...

There are naturally those who would argue that I would be far more "successful" at art, if only I took the time to apply myself full-time to promoting my work. However, that is not a luxury I have, nor one I can afford!

I have to stay on top of my myriad loose ends, in order for the sum total of all my efforts to add up to something.


Life Without a "Real" Job

Part of the conscious choice of freedom and independence typically involves completely re-thinking how we work. That has certainly held true, for me.

I don't have a "real" job. That is, I don't go to work for a "someone" who hands me a pay check at the end of the week. I just work at this-and-that, and hopefully it adds up to enough to pay the bills and buy some food.

To draw on the popular "Better Life" theme often found on Steemit, our life is better because of Steemit, in the sense that the occasional post rewards here do add up to a modest but still worthy additional income stream I would not otherwise have. Even $10 a week matters, especially with inflation on the rise.

Moreover, it allows us to save, via the gradual building of Steem Power. And that's definitely a good thing! Every upvote counts, you might say!


Those Loose Ends!

Sometimes it all gets a little overwhelming, however. And I find myself wishing for a day off... and hoping that my next blog post might earn $100, so I actually can take a day off.

But that's not something I can count on, or budget for, any more than we can use the lottery to budget!

In the end, all we can do is our best!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great remainder of your week!

How about YOU? What kind of work do you do? Does it feel like "enough" to keep up with inflation and the growing demands of the world? If not, what do you think we can do to change things? Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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