Late Night Ramble on Finding Enough Energy and Enthusiasm in Life

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How do we find the energy to do things, when it feels like we just don't have any more energy left to give? How do we deal with a reality in which it seems like there is always more on our plate clamoring for attention than we have attention to give?


Now I'm considering this question because so many people in this modern world of ours live a reality in which it is all they can handle to simply stay afloat, let alone swim and make any kind of progress.

This, of course, it's just a metaphor for life… but I think a lot of people might understand what I'm talking about here.

Once again, it is after midnight as I sit here and start typing a blog post. I have an informal "agreement" of sorts with myself that I'm going to blog at least three or four times a week but somehow I am struggling to keep that promise because I struggle to find the time… and often when I do find the time it's one of these late night excursions taking place at a time when my brain is already foggy and my inspiration is sketchy at best.


Today has been a long day. Today, I once again came face to face with the reality that there are days when we work all day long and it is still not enough — relatively speaking — to serve as any more than merely an effort to not fall further behind.

I pause and think to myself that I could surely use a bit of good fortune to just catch up the with the world a little. Luck?

There's an old truism that supposedly we make your own luck. By extension, that also means that you have the power to make both good luck and bad luck for yourself.


But is the fact that the world seems to be running faster than we are capable of really an issue of luck? I tend to think not. Life circumstances, perhaps… but not luck.

I think the bottom line is that a lot of people in the same boat as I sit back and look at their lives and say to themselves ”I really need something good to happen!” because they are really just too far out of energy to pick up the pieces and keep forging ahead with enthusiasm.

Maybe the real problem is that the relationship between effort expended and benefit gained, is out of balance.


Now if you think it sounds like I am just doing a lot of bellyaching... well, actual statistics show that more and more perfectly normal people — not strange dropouts with mental health issues — are experiencing these feelings.

Yesterday, I was watching a YouTube clip about a 30-something woman with a good job and education who had been living in her car for seven months because she simply couldn't stay afloat if she had to pay rent. She talked about how she knew dozens of people like her.

Something is really wrong with the world...

Thanks for reading, and have a great Friday!

How about YOU? How easy/difficult do you find it to be, to keep working in life? Does it sometimes feel like it might be impossible to do much better than just "treading water?" Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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Soy una de las personas que están en la parte que realmente necesita que algo bueno le pase.
han sido un par de años difíciles y si como mencionas es complicado encontrar inspiración o tiempo o ganas para postear algo, pero al final al menos conmigo es lo que me ayuda a seguir, venir aquí y sacar todo lo que cargo en un dia.
gracias por el posteo

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