Curator Cat Monday Musings: What is UP with Pet Content on Steemit?

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Greetings all animal lovers of Steemit!

Today — August 8th — was International Cat Day, an animal awareness day that has been happening annually since 2002.


In Appreciation of Our Furry Friends!

I've been keeping this "cat blog" on Steemit since March of 2018, and we've seen a lot come and go over that period of time!

One of the strange "mysteries" of our community is that over the past couple of years pet related content on Steemit has — for all intents and purposes — become a non-event here.

Once upon a time, we had large and thriving pet communities here; one even grew so larges as to star its own token on (now) little used Steem-Engine!


Failed Pet Communities?

I have watched several people start pet communities on Steemit over the past couple of years, but all seem ot be very short-lived.

"Fur-Friends" got all the way to 700+ subscribers... and then pretty much fizzled out. Each time a pet community has started up, I have been an active part of promoting it... and have typically ended up as the last active member.

Very sad!


Steemit DOES Have Pet Lovers!

I find it hard to believe that there aren't a bunch of cat and dog and bird owners among our thousands of active members! And truth is... there are lots of pet owners here.

They just don't post much about their animals, with the exception of a very small handful.

Is it because pet content is just not a "well paid" category, because the Steemit team hasn't "endorsed" it? Difficult to say.

I am grateful for the small group of readers I have here... I just wish there were more!

Thanks for reading my rant! I plan to continue posting cat pictures... because —after all — this is a cat blog!


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Fawns, fillies, fledglings, foals – lend me your deer.🦌🦌🦌
We’ve resteemed this awesome post!♻👍

Thank you! With a username like "petsandanimals" I was thinking you were a community owner... but I guess not?


I think it's because it's easy to get bogged down at first: I'm in a few communities myself that I found suitable for me - but I only really post actively in two. Everything else requires time that I don't have and don't want to spend. Steem is one of many additional activities in my spare time and will never dominate here...

When I write about animals, I use the appropriate tags (#dogs, #horses,...) and anyone interested will find these posts. For that, an extra community seems unnecessary to me...

Ich glaube, es liegt daran, daß man sich zunächst leicht verzettelt: ich bin selber in einigen Communities, die ich passend für mich fand - poste aber nur in zweien wirklich aktiv. Alles andere erfordert Zeit, die ich nicht habe und auch gar nicht aufbringen will. Steem ist eine von vielen zusätzlichen Aktivitäten in der Freizeit und wird hier nie dominieren...

Wenn ich über Tiere schreibe, nutze ich entsprechende Tags (#dogs, #horses,...) und jeder Interessent findet diese Beiträge dann. Dafür scheint mir eine extra Community unnötig...