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Jasper National Park is one of the best destinations in Canada. It has trees and mountains, hot springs, glaciers, lakes and rivers. It has everything.


Jasper National Park, located in Alberta, is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, and last time I checked there were about 5 or 6 parks in that area. It has over 11,000 square kms of land area!

Not only is Jasper a Unesco World Heritage Site, but it remains the world's second largest dark sky preserve. So if you visit Canada, this park should be on your itinerary.


Many people like to hike and camp in Jasper. Whether you are interested in a multi day hike with back country camping, or a light stroll through the forest, there is something for everyone.


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It must be a mandatory visit, what a beautiful landscape? can you camp nearby? or only allow daily visits, what a magical place!


There is lots of camping inside and outside the park. It can get full, however, so it is a good idea to reserve a spot in advance. Some spots cannot be reserved and it is first come first served.

It is worth reserving with time. It is a spectacle of landscape. Thanks for the info


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A very beautiful waterfall, I have never been to such ...)

We have many waterfalls in Canada and North America in general. This particular one is from a slowly melting glacier.

You are lucky in this matter))

Yes, we have so many natural wonders in our borders. I do feel very lucky.

Yes, it is :))

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Hello friend, that place is very beautiful, I am delighted with the photographs, thank you for sharing this beautiful park.

I hope someday go to the park and being able to appreciate it at the same time that I feel the connection with nature.

Thank you for your nice comments.

Very nice pictures! What is a dark sky preserve, never heard that term before?

I bet Texas has a plumber that could patch that water leak for you, LOL!

Beautiful falls, I could spend a month there with no problem; at least in the summer anyway.


A dark sky preserve is a region where we are able to view the night sky in all it's glory with little or no interference from artificial light sources. That way, we can have the best view of the night sky, which is important for astronomers at the very least.

The largest dark sky preserve is currently Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta. I haven't been there yet.