Portrait drawing-(pencil and pastel on paper)

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photo 174 8-21-31.jpg

Hello fellas,

Checkout my latest portrait drawing. It's been a while I did this last but trust me, I did my best.

Below are the process

Below are stages of my drawings




photo 174 8-21-31.jpg

Thanks for constantly checking and voting my drawings

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Hola @bob-dray; Luce bastante bien, aunque la prefiero como quedo sin color sólo en lápiz.

Beautiful portrait Bob :)

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Thanks @stef1

Great job. You draw well. I'm nominating your post for a contest.

I really liked your work, it is without a doubt a spectacular work of art. The portrait is very cute, you captured every detail of her. successes. 🥰💙

Thanks @arcayart