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With a radiant smile and a gaze to a brighter day. Let love drops in your thought like a nectar.

I have seen men fall and rise but love lives for ever. Also men has but a numbered years to live. Yet death in itself can be entrapped for ever.

I guess it becoming interesting, and now you want me to reveal the keys. Well, no man is indispensable. So, that a man will live for ever. Is just a myth.

But a man that loves genuinely expresses love freely will write his name on a platter of gold. And generations after will never forget his name. Soon, his lifestyle and did lives in other people.

His dreams continues and every word he speaks lives like prophecy upon the earth.

<Below are stages of my drawings








photo 292 7-59-14.jpg

Thanks for constantly checking and voting my drawings

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Beautiful painting!
I love the colours and the expression on her face. It's a very nice representation of the woman.
I'm nominating your work in Nominate and get Rewarded: 15% Trial Upvote, (Nomination Day 89)

He is very talented
I love it too
Thanks for nominating him.
Your nomination will inspire him

That´s great!
It will be good to know more about his art!!

Wow! Thanks 👍

#wox-bestpick of the day goes to @bob-dray
This post is nominated by @esthersanchez

Wow! I am so humbled right now, a big thanks to @esthersanchez for nominating my art. Thanks

It's a pleasure! keep doing and sharing your original and creative work!
Enjoy your prize!