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Alhaja Sanni is a year older and the best we can do is celebrate with all the content we possess. Especially now that life seem like a mirage. It's so amazing how people passed out and we only stare at them in disbelieve.

So join me in felicitation and to give accolade to a woman of enormous love and a peaceful heart. On this auspicious day I must profess by using a simple but powerful statement that,' we love you' from the bottom of our heart.

The entire Sanni family is saying happy birthday ma. As your have worked tirelessly to impact and build the best out of many. Here is just one out of the numerous reward you deserved.

Keep basking in the euphoria of the lord's goodness and keep the good work ma. And again, we love you ma.

Below are stages of my drawings






photo 272 17-28-0.jpg

Thanks for constantly checking and voting my drawings

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