Master Class from @nelsondoor - BILL #5

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Привет всем! Hola, everyone! Hola a todos!

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The WORLD OF XPILAR community was created as a place for artists, photographers and other creative endeavors. Here you can show yourself and look at others, enjoy beautiful works and funny conversation. I will not list all the features and benefits of such communication. Everyone here can find something of their own.

There are professionals and amateurs among people who are passionate about creative activity. There are those who want, but do not know where to start. Of course, there are many training videos on the Internet on any topic. But this cannot replace direct communication with the author of the publication. Moreover, if the author himself is your Steemit friend.

Well, the regular master class has finished its work and the continuation of the drawing theme is already ready.

In this Assignment 4 we have had the participation of @avibauza @ladyleilei y @maelichb. Their work is supported by community curators.

Today I am ready to announce the continuation of the master classes and the topic of the new lesson. But first, I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of participation.


  • The student subscribes to the Master's account so as not to miss his escort
  • The student makes a repost of the Master's post and this poster post in order to spread more information about the project on the platform.
  • The student must subscribe to the WORLD OF XPILAR community and create his own educational post in it
  • During the week, the student completes the Master's homework and creates his own post, in which he shows in detail the progress of the assignment and the final result. He sends a link to his post to the Master in the comments under his post-assignment.
  • Add #master-class as one of the first five hash tags. This makes it easier to find your job when the need arises.
  • The master gives feedback to the student, notes the shortcomings and successes of the assignment.
  • After the expiration of a week, the Wizard sums up the results of the tasks performed by the participants. Three best student works are presented for awards from the curators of the WORLD OF XPILAR community.

So, the topic of the new master class «Framing and Fitting». This lesson will discuss important techniques that help in choosing a composition and allow you to make a harmonious drawing.. How this can be done will be described in the next master class from @nelsondoor

This is a link to his Master Class.

I wish you creative success and look forward to your active participation.

Regards, @bambuka

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