Raquel Welch | Watercolour portrait painting

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Hi steemians,
I am starting to making this as a part of my habit which I should follow everyday. Because I believe it would make my skills upgraded and give me more happiness, if I keep doing this thing in every day. I mean creating more paintings and explore new faces for that. If you are a person who had found me here long days before, you would have already known that I like creating femal figures more. And here I am, continuing my journey...🌺

Raquel Welch

The face I chose today is of her - Raquel Welch, an American actress who made a strong role in the movie Hannie Caulder.

...also included some pictures of the drawing process so you guys will have a good view of how I made it...


The painting was inspired from...

Thanks for visiting...
See you in the next post ♥️

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I love your painting.
Such a great painting.

Nice drawing. I nominated your post for a competition.

#wox-bestpick of the day goes to @ayana511
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